TMMI needed to make their site mobile friendly but didn't want to completely rebuild their theme. I was able to clean up their existing CSS so that content and margins looked good on different devices with different screen sizes. I made the menu responsive on mobile devices by turning it into hierarchical drop menu. I also replaced their front page image with a responsive and mobile friendly slide show. The slide show "shrinks" to a users screen size and is swipe enabled for touch screen interfaces.

TMMI was also having trouble with their web server which was not allowing clean, "human readable" urls. By digging through the servers config files and changing .htaccess files, I was able to get clean URL's working. This change vastly improves SEO for the site.

SEO improvements were the final aspect of this contract. After fixing the clean urls issue I installed Drupal's top SEO modules including the page title and meta tag modules.

Site to be re-launched soon


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